Mark Levine (Mordechai) is a jewish international singer known for creating extraordinary emotion at the chuppah. He was born in Venezuela and began his singing career as a Disney star in Europe. He then found success in latin american Television with major singers and actors, and eventually channeled his career by studying Judaism in Jerusalem, Israel. Today Mark is among the most requested hebrew vocalists with a full album on Soundcloud, and is booked all around the world as a wedding singer and DJ. 

Noam is a native from the holy land of Israel with an extensive vocal range. He has performed the Israeli National Anthem in front of thousands and celebrated many weddings in the United States and the Middle East. The softness in Noam’s voice sets the mood for the most memorable wedding ceremonies.


Sergioandre is a multilingual singer in Spanish, English, and adopted jewish music as Mark Levine’s right hand. Sergio is an artist from Venezuela with over 50,000 followers worldwide, performing love tunes in Spotify and Youtube.  Sergio expanded his career into creative wedding videography, filming many events with the Levine Events Team.