Meet the founder: Mark Levine, multilingual singer and DJ. Born in Venezuela, Mark’s hebrew voice creates a sensation beyond sound. Also the head DJ of the company, Mark performs around the world at weddings & bar mitzvahs in the energy of his craft. 




Meet Noam. Originally from Israel, he moved to America to expand his international career. He has performed the National Anthem in front of thousands and celebrated many weddings in the United States and the Middle East. His range and color of voice truly defines him as an expert in the delivery of simchas. 


Sergioandre is an Italian / Venezuelan upcoming singer and cantor with 50,000 + followers in Latin America. He is known by many wedding planners and attended over 100 events with Levine as the wedding event director of South Florida. He believes in perfection and precision and brings guests to tears as ceremony cantor. 

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