This past Thursday Levine Events had the opportunity to perform at the lovely Thallata Estates in Miami, Florida. A latin couple looking for something more than the traditional wedding. Celebrity DJ Mark Levine did not fly solo on this one, as we brought a 12-foot stilt walker, a beautiful violinist, accompanied by photography by Frank from MyBaldPhotographer.com and of course our event coordinators to assist in the delivery of the event.

“This goes beyond jumping out of your seat with live and exciting music”, says DJ Mark. He enhances the performance during the Hora Loca, a latin tradition of carnival with hats, party favors, capoeira dancers and drummers.

This transforms into a certain flare that you wouldn’t see at most weddings. Our stiltwalker made a grand entrance with flags representing the native countries of the couple – Nicaragua and Colombia. The Hora Loca brought about a more vibrant feel with flying colors and an amazing energy that literally swept everyone off their feet.

Levine Events added a twist with the special violinist who not only played contemporary music, but also performed popular songs from today’s hits such as “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias in violin instrumental version. Levine Events commits to going above and beyond – with DJ’s, Hora Loca, latin performances, and a celebration to remember forever.

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