Why we love the Walton House?

Our clients at Levine Events love to think out-of-the-box. We get your commitment to having a wedding or bar mitzvah that is not ordinary. If this is you – then it’s time to explore having your event at Walton House. 

This charming, historic English-style cottage was built in 1917. With the sensation of a forest, Walton House offers an atmosphere where wedding ceremonies become magical and truly organic. The outdoor space is a perfect ambience of colors of nature, a space where our videography team can submerge in creativity. But wait – check this out: 

This grand property houses many spectacular animals, such as: monkeys, flamingos, a variety of bird species, and so much more.

Levine Events has had the opportunity to produce events together with Walton House and its many animals, including tigers, lions, and camels. Keep in mind: some of these animals are only available upon request, so make sure to plan in advance if you want to walk into your wedding reception on top of an elephant or something of that sort.

A soaring gabled roof, a surrounding country flower garden, a European-style horse stable. Oh, and yes, there is indoor air-conditioning space for a cocktail gathering, dancing, dinner, or whatever you envision. After all, Walton House is a place with plenty of room for imagination. 

Venue Details

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