Looking for a wedding venue full of nature? Amazed by the beauty of Walton House (the venue) that combines a perfect ambience of peacefulness and nature, Diego (client) calls Levine Events for a live performance combination with DJ lounge.

“How can I make sure that the entertainment is appropriate?”

Some want a DJ for different styles of music, but what happens when an event is rather intimate? Is it most appropriate for a guitarist, saxophone, or acoustic singer? This is why we decided to bring an all-in-one service, with DJ and singer all together, at the right price, and the right atmosphere of lights.

As soon as the setup team arrives, we could hear the monkeys, the birds, and the dogs running around. We couldn’t resist but to take videos. When someone is looking for a wedding DJ, venue, or a Bar mitzvah room, the Walton House is the right fit if you are in touch with nature.

Walton house is shaped beautifully with rock paths and cages with majestic animals giving the theme of a zoo, yet still unique in its own style. DJ Mark Lewin with music guru DJ Alex receive a standing ovation for the perfect playlist, but then a big moment when Mark starts singing live with his soft, sweet voice making sure that this is more than a cocktail hour. Songs from Coldplay, Frank Sinatra, Buble, and Spanish songs from Alex Ubago, Juan Luis Guerra deliver an international approach. This works great at wedding dinner, and corporate receptions too.

“Ever since we started to integrate the DJ/singer/musician system into our parties, every single event has the -wow- factor and we haven’t looked back since”, says Mark Levine.

Frank from Walton House approaches our team to congratulate us on the delivery. Thank you for letting us do what we do best at www.levine-events.com

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